#51. Photo by Ian Derry

Animals are not as popular as fruits in Life, but Charlie still interacts with them quite often :)

#50. Golden boy.

#50. Golden boy.

Damian Lewis filming in Wolf Hall today (from here).

Charlie Crews and The Fruits. Part 4

Enjoy your GIFs from Life. The funniest moment in Life is season 2, episode10, at 20 minutes. Charlie in hotel overhears Reese on phone. Damian's facial expressions are priceless. Did you see that one?


Thank you. I’ve seen it all, but now re-watching. It’s a great idea for a GIF set, I will make it one day.

Life, season 2, episode 3. Charlie’s hallucinations and the morning after.

Life, season 2, episode 13. Charlie’s making a bullet.

*Close your eyes and think of the world as seen from space.

From that distance it is calm… silent… at peace… one.*

#49. Retro mode on

#49. Retro mode on

#48. I just can’t stop.